University and school scheduling software for automatic generation and timetable maintenance.

Wise Timetable is easy to use and powerful timetable software that helps you to generate and maintain timetables. You can easily input data about professors, lecture rooms, study program and then generate the best timetable with one click!

Of course, you can use your existing timetable as well and then add some changes or lock a part of timetable and automatically generate the rest. Possibilities with Wise Timetable are endless - finally we made a timetable software without any limits.

Main Features

○ User friendly graphical interface will help you make all the timetable tasks
○ Easy creation of timetable reports and web publishing with one click!
○ Create an unlimited number of timetables and combine them
○ Your timetable can be automatically generated in a minute
○ Even for very large schools or universities, the data maintenance is simple
○ Timetable can be created differently for each week
○ Changes, reservations, new resources insertion - all tasks are optimized for frequent and flexible use.