Wise Scan

Wise Scan System provides reliable detection of defects in continuous sheets in real time.

Continuous sheets are mediums in the form of a wide thin strip. In their production various errors may appear.

Wise Scan enables:

○ Parametric error detection
○ Setting different criteria for what defines an error and what does no
○ Optimization of the manufacturing process (e.g. cutting according to the errors and increasing production efficiency),
○ Error classification for production planning and maintenance strategies,
statistic reports on the process (number of errors, error type, size, etc. for a specified quantity or medium unit).
○ Return on investment from reducing the cost is usually less than one year.

Advantages of introducing the Wise Scan system are:

○ 100% defect detection in 100% of production time

○ elimination of reclamation costs

○ increased production capabilities

○ elimination of manual control costs

○ enhanced reputation and clie confidence in your service


Wise Scan is composed of an imaging module that is mounted onto an adequate control place on the machine, and a processing unit with a user interface.The user interface enables editing and saving of settings, monitoring the process and making reports. Wise Scan uses the most advanced multiprocessor image processing in real time to achieve high performance and reliability of production.Imaging module efficiency can be adapted to meet your requirements, such as: medium speed, minimum error, medium width, etc. The latter provides optimal performance-price ratio.

Example of enhanced configuration for error control on a metal strip:

○ speed of a medium: 70 m/s (4200 m/min)
○ a minimum error of 1×1 mm
○ medium width: optional

Values are relatively graded (for a 10-times smaller error the medium speed is 10-times lower).

Author: Robert Modic

○ Detection of defects in laminated textiles
○ Vision based veneer cutting process optimization
○ Screen printing error control on the evaporator line