Our agile software lab specializes in building new products , where tight collaboration with our customer and ability to innovate is critical.

Wise Technologies also masters the ongoing challenge of existing code; comprehensive service offerings provide a wide spectrum of support. The services enable you to capture the benefits of a complete development process without sacrificing high quality or time-to-market - all in a cost-effective manner.

While you focus on initial development, Wise Technologies software engineering and quality assurance activities optimize the balance of your development life cycle - through first release and subsequent enhancements for the life of your product. Wise Technologies software development services can be applied to both new products under development and to existing products - to web-based applications as well as to traditional systems.

Productivity-driven business model

Wise Technologies unique methodology enables us to work effectively and efficiently with a new or previously developed code.

Thanks to our methodology, our unique business model is productivity-driven. We guarantee you specific levels of output and give you a fixed price contract based on results.

Traditional body shops utilize a model based on hourly rates. They rely on sheer numbers of programmer-hours to deliver output. Quality, time, cost, and output vary from programmer to programmer, and cannot be predicted in advance.

Our delivery-based approach saves you money in two ways - our productivity is superior to the contract-hours model, and we free up your valuable in-house resources to pursue core business activities

With Wise Technologies, you know work output and expenses.

Wise Technology demo center

All our partners have a chance to test our technology and knowledge, based on many years of experience built in complex projects.

At our company's building, we offer test of Your products in our DEMO center, which consists of:

○ 2D measurements equipment, consisting of low- and high- resolution 2D optical cameras (also infrared - temperature sensing cameras)
○ 3D measurements equipment with high-resolution 3D cameras, able to detect even smallest surface defects and also measure and reconstruct object contours - height dimensions, angles, etc...
○ Line cameras for detailed objects and surfaces scanning
○ Smart cameras for simple detection and measurement tasks
○ Various position detectors - linear and rotational
○ Wide range of power supply systems for "running" all the prototype devices we have in the center
○ Many different handling and holding systems for object moving, orientation, rotating, etc.
○ Lightening systems for optical measurements, including:
○ Dome lights for extremely homogenous lightening of the object surfaces
○ LED matrics with normal power output
○ Power LEDs - used for line cameras
○ Ring lights, linear lights, point - very powerful lights
○ Measurement and marking lasers with various colors, thickness...
○ Contact sensors, force sensors...
 and lot of other equipment enabling us to make detailed prototypes of measurements You need.

Wise Technologies Research Group

As integral part of the company, Wise Technologies established a registered research group, aiming to utilize high-tech knowledge from other company parts into research areas.

The group has a proven research capability in the development of new measurement protocols, implementation of sports and medicine-related measurements, testing and the assessment of performance in sport and rehabilitation, etc.

Current research focuses on product design for measurements in health and sports. The group actively participates in various consortiums in Slovenia and EU.