Machine vision system for adaptive robotic welding

In welding production geometries of consecutive parts vary to some extent. Consequently actual seam positions have to be determined during robotic welding.

This can be done manually by the robot's tool point and operator's subjective judgement. Manual adaptation is slow, tedious and subject to human errors.

Automatic sensing of various seam topologies is best achieved with Wise WELDING machine vision system. Wise WELDING imaging module is mounted on a robot arm and detects actual seam position. Position is sent to the robot by Wise WELDING processing unit. Robot uses it to adapt welding torch position accordingly. Such correction is accurate, precise, reliable and considerably faster compared to manual operation.


○ Automatic welding path adaptation to geometry deviations in series production

○ Up to 10x throughput gain compared to manual adaptation.

○ All-in-one vision module for large geometry displacements, precision guidance with range of welding technologies

○ Enables sensing for gapless butt seams without mismatch

○ Detects seams of materials with different reflection/finish

○ Conforms to all standard seam topologies, special topologies can be added

○ Robust algorithms on any surface: black metal, stainless steel, mate or brushed, damaged, scratched

○ Consecutive (seam finding) or simultaneous sensing (seam tracking) with welding to accommodate any production strategy

○ Tailored to meet best price-performance in terms of speed, precision, working range, space constraints

○ Rapid SINGLE teaching to new type of work piece geometry for flexibility, maximized equipment exploitation and return of investment

○ Industrial class protection against arc flash, heat transfer, high frequency electromagnetic interference (e.g. from TIG/GTAW sources)

○ Seamless integration into robotic platform with complete parameterization and operation performed via robots teach pendant only

○ Easy connectivity, setup and calibration

○ Customizable solution to meet specific needs

○ Superior service and support with hands-on user training on particular user application

For more information please download Wise Welding Datasheet

○ Machine vision system for adaptive robotic welding
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