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Black Jack automated card recognition system

Playing cards recognition of using machine vision is a vital component of Black Jack application with remote access. This enables players to connect to a live game on the casino floor, where they can play with players, physically present in the casino and other players who are also using remote internet connection. A special virtual position is assigned to each player.

It is important to take into consideration that BlackJack is one of the most complicated card games looking from the perspective of machine vision recognition.

On the basis of consecutive events analysis the algorithm is capable of dealing with totally non repetative dynamics and considerable placement error of cards by the dealer. It recognizes all visible symbols and follows consecutive placements of cards, vital for the game of BlackJack. It also recognizes chip count in playing positions.

Crucial recognized elements important for the game are:

Chip count in individual positions
Each new added card
Position of added card
Grouping of cards in hands
Ungrouping of cards in subhands (s.c. »Split«)
The tracking of card movements inside of players card set or outside of it
All elements of the game are sent to a server where the data is used to generate graphics in user friendly web interface. Internet application also encompasses video stream of the player and playing cards on the table in real time. Everything for a perfect experience of remote game of BlackJack.

Author: Jaka Rozman