Wise Print

Imaging system for print control.

Wise Print enables detection of errors on stationary and variable part of print. Stationary part of print on each print is the same, while variable part is changing. Control of variable part of print includes checks of serial number with OCR , bar/matrix code and every other part of print, which changes in a certain sequence.

Major improvements after implementation of Wise Print are:

○ increased capabilities of manufacturing process
○ labour costs for manual inspection are eliminated
○ in reliability of control to 100% in 100% production time
○ eliminates costs of reclamations,
○ increases trust and confidence of customers in your service
○ investment rate of return is less than one year.

System description:

Wise Print includes a simple user interface for learning the printing sheet template. Printing sheets are usually separated by markers. Partition marker between sheets is determined in the user interface. This enables Wise Print to automatically follow the sheets and separate them, without the necessity for additional sensors (e.g. for marker reading).

Printed matters can be arranged in a m × n matrix on a printing sheet. For each printed matter we can separately teach what needs to be checked. If all printed material is the same, it is possible for only one template to be taught and then reproduced throughout the entire sheet.

A single printed matter allows for the checking of a serial number, bar code, matrix code, color, stains, inclusions, abrasions, defective prints, offset printing, etc.

The system is able to check and confirm in the database a single correct stamping of a printed matter with a specific serial number. If a printed matter turns out to be of a poor quality, its serial number is saved and sent to re-printing. The latter Wise Print functionality is extremely suitable for the control of printed matters that are of a value.

Wise Print can be installed on a new or used printing device. The system consists of an imaging module and a processing unit with a user interface. Imaging module size is generally “medium width” × 300 mm × 1000 mm. Processing unit is usually somewhere near the imaging module. The system uses multi-core processing in real time for maximum reliability and achievement of the stated efficiency. Wise Print imaging module is easily portable.If necessary, the same system can be transferred to the machine that currently requires print control.

Capacities of the Wise Print system components can be tailored to meet your requirements: medium speed, width control, minimal error, required control parameters, etc. Thus, the optimal performance-price ratio is attained. The investment is usually repaid in less than a year.

An example of configuration capabilities for controlling stationary and variable printing is: OCR checking 10,000 characters per second, medium speed 100 m/min, medium width 400 mm, and minimum error size 0.4 mm × 0.4 mm. When controlling smaller-scale variable part of the print, medium speed can be relatively higher. Control width is flexible.

Wise Print was installed and tested in the production facilities of reputable printing enterprises.

Author: Robert Modic